It’s been a busy week in my studio at VSC!!! Lots of work in progress and today is a warm 34 degrees. It’s good to be here. Thanks to Everyone who helped make it happen!

In addition to the artist grant and work exchange from VSC, I want to give a special Thank You to everyone who encouraged and supported me through my online campaign and made this residency a reality :

Courtney Kim Grant
Kathy Halamka
Colton Scally
Courtney Moy
Suzanne McMahon
Alexandra Rentumis
Lindsey Butterfield
Dena Rentumis
Ginny Norris
Scott Hainline
Shannon Francis
Sarah Cohen
Paul Ford
Trina Urrata
Victoria Ahmadizadeh
Chelsea Teta
Jeffrey Sarmiento
Jessica Adamites
James Mcleod

I couldn’t have done it without your support! Thank you.